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Communication for our modern lives.

As an optimist, I am invested in communication, education, and collaboration. Working together, we can solve many challenges.


At the heart of my work is a desire to facilitate human activity. Carefully developing, crafting, and sharing ideas is extraordinarily beneficial for everyone.

I focus my research on understanding the ways real people communicate, collaborate, and come to understand each other. Recent changes in technology and communication theory has created many areas for us study and improve our communication–interpersonal, institutional, and academic.


The content of our communication classrooms has always been varied, but we are in the processes of completely rethinking what it means to communicate and what the future holds. I am often surprised and inspired by my students as they demonstrate the creative ways they are using technology to create and communicate in their own lives.

It is my hope that education can help encourage meaningful reflection.


I enjoy working with students, colleagues, professionals, and anyone else with a passion for learning.

Let’s work together. The development of communication theory, curricula, and pedagogy presents so many opportunities to be engaged–let me know how I can help you.

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