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Planned and Upcoming Presentations

CCCC’s 2018: TBA

CEA 2018: TBA

Past Presentations

Co-Presenter, CWPA: Developing Interactive Pedagogical Tools in the Age of Austerity, 2017

Presenter, CEA: No Teacher is an Island, 2017

Presenter, CEA: The Expertise Void: Creating Authority in Student Centered Classrooms with a Multimodal Curriculum, 2016

Presenter, SWPACA: Video Games to Money: Theme Based Writing Courses and Discourse Analysis, 2016

Presenter, University of Northern Colorado Research Day: A Game of Rhetoric-Incorporating Rhetoric and Design into Required Composition Courses through Video Game Play, 2013

Presenter, On Incorporating Design and New Media into Writing Curriculum through Video Games and Discourse Analysis, for Undergraduate Literacy Education Course, 2013

Presenter, On Video Games and Gaming Culture, for Human and Health Services Graduate Course, 2013

Presenter, PAMLA: A Case for Slumming: Henry Fleming’s Transcendence in The Red Badge of Courage, 2012    

Presenter, University of Northern Colorado Research Day: Deconstructing Robin Hood in Robin Hood and the Monk, 2012

Presenter, University of Rhode Island Graduate Conference: Fear and Science in the Works of Poe and Hawthorne, 2012

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