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My research interests focus on practical theories of multimodal writing instruction, and more specifically I am working on the challenges of curriculum development, curriculum reform, and professional development associated with multimodal writing programs. Each of these challenges require us all, as writing instructors, to have a better understanding of the practical knowledge and skills associated with a wide range of literacies.

Peer Reviewed


Playing Out Social Action: Game-Based Learning and Visual Rhetorical Analysis (forthcoming)

This co-authored article explains the pedagogical justification for a teacher-made assignment focusing on visual communication. The game, (link), is designed to teach students about visual analysis in a meaningful context while highlighting the ways significant social concerns can appear in everyday visual designs.

Video Games and Multimodality in First-Year Composition (link)

In a special issue on video games and education, this article suggests a course framework for FYC courses that promotes a deeper understanding of situated discourse and speaking from authority.

CEA Critic 79.1 (March 2017)


Proceedings and Other Publications


Photo Essay, Hilton Head 2017 (link)

 A short reflection on the 2017 College English Association conference that includes photos taken on the beach just outside the conference hotel.
CEA Critic 79.3 (November 2017)

What Happens to Instructor Authority When Introducing Emerging Tools and Forms? (link)

This essay asks teachers to consider their own sense of authority in the classroom to help encourage the use of and consideration of digital tools and new forms of communication.

Orange Journal 8.3 (2016)

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